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School Anthem

We are full of love and laughter

hay – e – e We sing to the tune of morning ochre.

We are shining as Sunbeam,

and the heart is what we offer.

hay – e – e smiling, smiling We know to dare.

Our life looks very hard

We are stranger, moving on like a sailor

Ocean, mountain, thorny desert, moving on, moving on

moving on to unknown corner.

We know how to win your heart

We know how to touch your softer corner

winter, summer, autumn or rain, like a crane,

like a crane, like a crane we are globe trotter

We are shining as Sunbeam

if you dance to the tune of glitter.

oh – o – o you will know.

You will know the joy to share

We have challenge to our door

here is passion for the life and vigour

rain bow, brook and wind n star

We feel, we drink, we drink the life’s elixir

friend “O” friend nothing lost, nothing gain

keep on singing, dancing, please do join.

Upcoming Events

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Power of Colours

At 9:00 am
Sunbeam Academy, samneghat

Handwriting Competition

At 12:00 pm
Sunbeam Academy, Samneghat. Sunbeam Academy, Durgakund. Sunbeam Academy, Sarainandan